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On this page you can find all the services offered, both individual Speech and Language Therapy as well as Multidisciplinary Treatment in a team with other professionals. 

Whatever language the child uses to communicate, the therapy will be adapted to the needs of the child and the family. Our interest is to enhance all the interactive, communicative and linguistic skills of the child. 

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Neurodevelopmental evaluation

The evaluation process begins with an interview with the family about the child's development and then the general and specific evaluations will be performed.
1.Admission interview: You will get a questionnaire on the child's neurodevelopment to be completed. If needed, I'll be able to deepen specific aspects that are of interest for the diagnosis.
2.Evaluation: The child will be evaluated during a one-hour session in the office.


Reports are not included in the price of the evaluation. Reports will be charged as an hourly session.

Speech Therapy

Speech and Language Evaluation

1. Admission interview: You will be given a questionnaire about the child's speech and language development to be completed. 
2. Evaluation: I will evaluate taking into account the chronological age of the child. There will be considered all aspects related to communication (neurolinguistic, articulatory, respiratory and phonatory).

Reports are not included in the price of the evaluation. Reports will be charged as an hourly session.

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Initial Consultation 

This service is for those families who are interested in a professional consultation and get suggestions that can help with their child's speech and language development. 
This service includes:

  • Initial phone call for 20 minutes: where the case is superficially disclosed.

  • Language development and general development questionnaire to be completed by parents.

  • One hour face-to-face session where the professional will evaluate the child's communication, language and learning skills. 

  • Personalized handbook with guidelines and activities that parents can carry out at home to promote the child's linguistic development.

Speech Therapist

Language Therapy

We offer one hour session in which all aspects of communication through play will be explored. At the end of the session, parents will be advised on how to continue with the activities at home, trying to generalize all the learning in the different environments where the child develops.

The hourly session rates vary between 650 kr and 850 kr, depending on what you are looking for and what needs to be included for the therapy to be effective. Write to us privately detailing what you are looking for and we will send you a tailored budget!

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